To have or not to have New Year`s Resolutions?

Hello, my dear fellow crafters, Happy New Year to all of you!

I know, I`ve been neglecting my blog for quite some time now, and I know they say you can`t have a successful “quit your day job to start following your handmade dreams” adventure unless you keep up with your on-line duties….

These being said, let`s say I set this to be a NYR: stop neglecting my blog:)

I must say…some of the reasons why I`m reluctant to just start sharing my thoughts here is the fact that I have too many:)
Creative thoughts, that is….for example, if I find some great inspiring tutorials, I want to write about them, but right then I find another and another and another…aaand I get lost in so many details and ideas that I want to talk about..

So, here`s a little of what I have been doing:

Had a crazy December. Things started moving for me on my Etsy shop, and as soon as I posted my felted Christmas trees, the orders started pouring in:

I`ve starting making these babies last year and I`ve been featured in the holidays issue of the romanian Good Homes with a tutorial.
To cut a long story short, I thought “why not try posting them on Etsy?”, and I did and it worked:)
Sooo, now it`s January and I would really want my shop to be successful this month too, but I know that after the holidays sales are down everywhere.
I decided to concentrate on blogging, on doing some follow up with my customers, and, of course, keep hands busy:)
See how in the following posts:)
Happy New Year everyone!

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