Away and back…

Hello my fellow crafters!

I know, it`s been a while…but I`m back now (in english, as you might have noticed:) and this is what I`ve been up to the last couple of months:

- finally opened my Etsy shop which is alot more time consuming than I thought
- changed the name of the blog
- crochet like crazy after discovering Ravelry
- needle felted alot of acorns

These are a few of my latest crochet creations, all available for you to take home:) Please take a sec and check them out in my shop in the right side bar.

I`ve also crocheted some really cute and romantic hairbands, in pastel tones and some autumn colours:

You can also wear the last two ones as a brooch, as the flower can be easily removed from the band:)
I`ll be back in a sec to share some felted goodies…

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